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2 new reviews for Out of the Shadows

From SensualReads:

"Action packed and filled with suspense, Out of the Shadows definitely will keep your interest as we go through wolfpack politics, two men finding each other and a family adjusting to changes.  Julia Davies has brought to life two men who are loveable and as realistic as possible.  Rooting for a happy ending will keep us on the edge of our seat as we devour Out of the Shadows by Julia Davies, a very exciting and intense story." 

Reviewed by Elise. Rated 4 stars.


From Night Owl Reviews:

"I have soft spot for books like Out of the Shadows, aside from the paranormal aspect.

Jai Hanson is self-confident, a good friend, a good worker, and has good friends. Dane Bryant is new to this particular pack and is self-confident too, but only up to a point. He gets along well at work and is friendly with the other guys. He has his secrets and a fear of others finding out about his sexuality - and that is somewhat based on his past experiences at home.

What I really liked about the story was how Jai drew Dane out of himself a little bit and how Dane grew beyond his fears and, well, into his own. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Davies' works."

Reviewed by Lilyraines. Rated 5 / 5 stars. 

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Out of the Shadows is released today, under pen name Julia Davies. It is set in the same world as my previous novella, Bark at the Moon, and follows the story of Jai and Dane.


Jai Hanson knows that Dane is his mate; he's known it since they met. If only he could get Dane to realize it too.

Dane Bryant joined his new wolfpack in an effort to leave his old life behind, to protect the secret he has kept hidden for years but he is finding it harder than ever after meeting Jai. He knows that in acknowledging his attraction to Jai, he will have to make the move out of the self-imposed shadows and admit his sexuality, but fear keeps him quiet. When his sister, Sasha, needs help getting away from her abusive boyfriend, however, he finds himself turning to Jai.

As Dane gradually begins to open up to Jai, events around them seem determined to cause them problems. Between Sasha's ex-boyfriend stalking them and Dane's father's reaction to the news that his son is gay, they both know this isn't going to be easy.

Link to the book's page on Phaze publishing - here -

** And I cannot tell you how much I love that cover!
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New book!

This is still in the pre-publication stages at present. I sent in the edits/revisions last week, and now i'm just waiting to hear whether everything is okay.

Out of the Shadows is again from Phaze and written as Julia Davies, and is set in the same universe as Bark at the Moon. This time the focus is on the relationship between werewolf guard Jai, and new pack-member Dane.
As soon as there is any more information about a release, I'll post here.
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Royalties!! And Ninjas!

Okay, so I've done the whole 'getting excited about my first royalty cheque' thing a while ago, but today came something even better. My first royalty cheque to be in triple figures (and that's after conversion from US dollars to GB pounds!)

On a completely unrelated note, I've found another interesting distraction- Ninja Warrior.

I used to watch it on Virgin 1 every so often and thought that when the channel closed down, that would be it. But no! It's now on the replacement channel they launched, Challenge (about the only thing in their entire line-up I actually watch- I really miss Virgin 1). 

Ninja Warrior impossible not to like; you find yourself either cheering for the contestants to get to the finish line, or having a good chuckle when they land in the muddy water under the assault course. There's one guy I've never figured out, though, and I've seen him on a couple of the shows- what on earth possesses him to compete in a thong? It's really not a pretty sight watching a bloke in a thong scramble over the obstacles...  Even if he is entertaining.  
Anyway, we're onto stage two tomorrow- I think five people got through out of the one hundred who tried stage one.  

Book release!

Bark at the Moon, written as Julia Davies, has been released by Phaze. 

"It’s just your typical love story: new guy in town meets his ideal man, who turns out to be a werewolf…

 Andy McEwen thinks he’s going to like it here; new town, new home, new job, and then there’s the sexy, leather-clad, motorcycle-riding god who’s bed he woke up in this morning. And who is about to turn his world upside down. 

Ret Alexander is a werewolf. He knew from the moment he met Andy that they were mates but Andy is human, with no knowledge of their world, much less that werewolves even exist. Ret has never heard of another wolf being mated to a human, but he knows that he has to try, and that means introducing Andy to the knowledge that not only are werewolves real, but that most of the people he’s met in town are part of the pack.  

When Andy learns the truth, he runs, scared by this new world he’s been brought into. Can he learn to trust Ret enough to give their relationship a chance?"

Bark at the Moon is now available in ebook format-

Phaze book page

When it is listed on amazon, I will add a link to that too.