Mia (drudhani) wrote,

A grand day out

Last weekend, myself and a few friends from one of the communities I belong to for Primeval fanfiction went on a trip to Bath. We went to see a production of Henry IV, part 1 at the Theatre Royal that Ben Mansfield (Becker in Primeval) was in, playing Hotspur.

We had a great time. I'm not usually the biggest fan of Shakespeare, mainly from being forced to study it at school, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The performances were fantastic, and the sword fight at the end between Prince Hal and Hotspur was brilliant.

And then, just to make the whole thing perfect, we got to meet Ben afterwards. He was incredibly sweet, posing for photos and signing things, and stopping to have a chat with us even though he had to drive back to London that night.


Tags: personal: outings

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