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Random thoughts
of a distracted mind
17th-Aug-2012 09:33 pm - Paperback release!
red diamond
Out of the Shadows has just got it's paperback release, with Bark at the Moon included as a bonus novella as well! The book is now listed on Amazon.co.uk as well as Amazon.com, as well as available through the Phaze website.
18th-Jun-2012 09:30 pm - Sun, sea, sand and too much ice cream
blue diamond

Today, a friend and I went to Scarborough. After all of the rain and cold weather, it actually turned out to be lovely and sunny for most of the day! Nice surprise. We’ve eaten too much, had a walk along the beach, looked around the shops in town, avoided buying anything we didn’t need. Quite a feat when there is a brilliant weapons/swords replicas shop called Ancient Warrior on the seafront. I was very tempted by a set of gorgeous throwing knives, and also a samurai umbrella (a samurai sword style handled long black umbrella, about the length of a full size samurai sword which can be carried on a strap over the shoulder). They were very cool.

There are also a lot of ice cream shops along the seafront, and so naturally we had to try some of the stranger flavours. Bubblegum flavour is delicious, especially if eaten with a scoop of cherry flavour as well. Another one had lemon cheesecake ice cream- cheesecake flavour with little crunchy bits of biscuit base and bits of zest to add the tangy lemon- which was equally as delicious as the bubblegum ice cream. And a cafe which has the best home made battered onion rings and Cajun chicken wraps.

It also happened that the Olympic torch was going through Scarborough today. Entirely a coincidence; we had no idea until we saw most of the roads cordoned off and police and marshals everywhere. Neither of us were particularly interested in seeing it, but still it was something we’ll probably never see again.

And of course, a day out can’t be complete without hassle getting home. On the way home our train was delayed because a car had smashed into a bridge up ahead of us, and unfortunately it was a bridge that the train line passed over. The announcer informed us that they couldn’t re-open the line until the structural integrity of the bridge had been checked following the accident, and so we’d have to take a detour.

Oh well. We still had a great day out.

There would have been photos… I had good intentions, but between my rubbish photography skills and forgetting to actually take more than three, it’s didn’t quite go according to plan. Maybe next time.

21st-Aug-2011 10:56 am - Solstice Publishing
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9th-Aug-2011 08:06 pm - Solstice Publishing promotion.
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There is currently 10% off any book from Solstice Publishing!

Simply go to http://www.solsticepublishing.com and get 10% off each book you purchase by using this coupon code IZISQD37H

9th-Aug-2011 08:00 pm - 2 new reviews for Out of the Shadows
dark blue diamond

From SensualReads:

"Action packed and filled with suspense, Out of the Shadows definitely will keep your interest as we go through wolfpack politics, two men finding each other and a family adjusting to changes.  Julia Davies has brought to life two men who are loveable and as realistic as possible.  Rooting for a happy ending will keep us on the edge of our seat as we devour Out of the Shadows by Julia Davies, a very exciting and intense story." 

Reviewed by Elise. Rated 4 stars.


From Night Owl Reviews:

"I have soft spot for books like Out of the Shadows, aside from the paranormal aspect.

Jai Hanson is self-confident, a good friend, a good worker, and has good friends. Dane Bryant is new to this particular pack and is self-confident too, but only up to a point. He gets along well at work and is friendly with the other guys. He has his secrets and a fear of others finding out about his sexuality - and that is somewhat based on his past experiences at home.

What I really liked about the story was how Jai drew Dane out of himself a little bit and how Dane grew beyond his fears and, well, into his own. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Davies' works."

Reviewed by Lilyraines. Rated 5 / 5 stars. 

29th-Jul-2011 08:53 pm - Top 20! Twice!
blue diamond
Phaze have just released the top 20 sellers list for June, and Out of the shadows is on it! Considering that it was only released in the second week of June I'm pretty pleased with that!

Also, to make it even better, my previous book, Bark at the Moon is back in the top 20 as well.

And lj is back up and running. Yay!
23rd-Jul-2011 02:17 pm - Review for Out of the Shadows
purple diamond

From Readers Roundtable after dark.

"Once I sat down and started reading Out of the Shadows by Julia Davies I had to know how it ended. I had to know more about Jai and Dane.

This story was filled with more ups and downs and twists and turns than a roller coaster but it was well worth the ride. Between Dane’s personal issues, his sister’s crazy ex-boyfriend and his developing feeling for Jai peeking around the corner is not an option. You have to jump in and go with the flow. Jai and Dane are such wonderfully crafted characters with all the flaws and willingness to overcome you could ever want in such a great couple. There are a couple of moments I wanted more but they were easily overlooked because of the relationship of Jai and Dane.

Out of the Shadows is a great story. Ms. Davies has quite a lovely cast that, personally, I’d like to see more of."

Reviewed by Jaymes. Rating 4.5 out of 5.

14th-Jul-2011 12:39 am - A grand day out
white diamond

Last weekend, myself and a few friends from one of the communities I belong to for Primeval fanfiction went on a trip to Bath. We went to see a production of Henry IV, part 1 at the Theatre Royal that Ben Mansfield (Becker in Primeval) was in, playing Hotspur.

We had a great time. I'm not usually the biggest fan of Shakespeare, mainly from being forced to study it at school, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The performances were fantastic, and the sword fight at the end between Prince Hal and Hotspur was brilliant.

And then, just to make the whole thing perfect, we got to meet Ben afterwards. He was incredibly sweet, posing for photos and signing things, and stopping to have a chat with us even though he had to drive back to London that night.


21st-Jun-2011 11:06 pm - NEW RELEASE!
purple diamond

Out of the Shadows is released today, under pen name Julia Davies. It is set in the same world as my previous novella, Bark at the Moon, and follows the story of Jai and Dane.


Jai Hanson knows that Dane is his mate; he's known it since they met. If only he could get Dane to realize it too.

Dane Bryant joined his new wolfpack in an effort to leave his old life behind, to protect the secret he has kept hidden for years but he is finding it harder than ever after meeting Jai. He knows that in acknowledging his attraction to Jai, he will have to make the move out of the self-imposed shadows and admit his sexuality, but fear keeps him quiet. When his sister, Sasha, needs help getting away from her abusive boyfriend, however, he finds himself turning to Jai.

As Dane gradually begins to open up to Jai, events around them seem determined to cause them problems. Between Sasha's ex-boyfriend stalking them and Dane's father's reaction to the news that his son is gay, they both know this isn't going to be easy.

Link to the book's page on Phaze publishing - here -

** And I cannot tell you how much I love that cover!
14th-May-2011 10:36 pm - Sad news...
white diamond

Sadly, this morning my gerbil, Kizzy passed away.

She was ill- I took her to the vets on Wedesday and she had been on antibiotics since then but it didn't help. She wasn't doing too well last night and, this morning, she died. I lost my other gerbil, Honey, a couple of months ago and from ones I've had in the past I've seen that they rarely survive long without each other. I don't know why. Not that it makes it any easier.

Still, I know that Kizzy had a good and long (for a gerbil) life here.

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